Raysonic Inc.

Raysonic Inc.

Raysonic was founded in 2000 and is currently based in Toronto, Canada. We are a company dedicated to the development and marketing of products in the audiophile electronic industry.  We believe that creating a piece of audio component is just like crafting a musical instrument; Patience, knowledge and passion are the keys to refinement. One glance at any of our skill product is all that needed to be attracted to it.  Raysonic is a bold fashion statement in today's hi-fi designs. Traditionally, with tubes, a great sound equals to a great amplifier. Raysonic is bringing a new element into this formula: The idea that a great sound needs the complement of an elegant appearance.

Raysonic proudly announces that we have an established electronic facility. All products are manufactured  under our own strict quality control policy. Raysonic has all the CNC metal cutting, metal forming and fabricating machineries.Thereby ensuring a total quality production 'in house'. Our factory is specialized in producing fine audio products,such as vacuum tube amplifiers and CD-Players.

If you are a music lover then you need to experience the magic of Raysonic's component can produce. We are committed to developing  products that deliver the audio performence. It is so convincing and lifelike that it connects you straight to the emotional power of the music. Raysonic components are always designed with future upgrades in mind, providing for emerging new technologies and up-to-date performance.

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