About NuForce

Since 2005, the year of our founding, NuForce has been devoted to the development of consumer-electronic products that thrill the ear, delight the eye and please the pocket -- in short, best-in-class at every price point. Built upon patented technologies, our switching amps, which have earned us Amplifier-of-the-Year awards in the United States and Japan, have likewise established our position at the forefront of audio's fiercely competitive marketplace. We've also made a significant name for ourselves with our line of audiophile-grade earphones, earphone amps, and digital-to-analog converters.


Awards & Reviews
    It's one thing to receive enthusiastic reviews. It's quite another to note, much to our pleasure, that professional A/V journalists use NuForce products in their reference systems. Numerous domestic and foreign awards further validate NuForce's prominence in research and development. Below is a list of a few notable "Grand Price" awards:
  • Power Amp of The Year 2005 for Reference 9- The Absolute Sound, USA.
  • Grand Prix 2007 (equivalent to Power Amp of The Year) for Reference 9 V2- HiVi, Japan
  • Blue Moon Award -
  • Grand Prix 2010 for Reference 18 - HiVi, Japan

Readers will find that the majority of the reviewers actually own and use Nuforce equipment as their reference for review or personal enjoyment.

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