Since 1987 dCS has been at the forefront of digital audio - creating products that are a unique synthesis of exact science and creative imagination.

Performance matters to us and we are passionate about meeting our own uncompromisingly high standards. For people who are serious about music, dCSoffers an unrivalled ability to transform digital audio into real music that you can hear, feel and experience.

At dCS we realise it's about music not hi-fi. This may appear obvious but that does not make it easy to achieve in a product. To this day we continue to push back the boundaries of digital music by developing audiophile products that set the standard for audio transparency and leave the listener with only the music.

dCS products are designed and hand built in the UK to deliver a totally unique listening experience. The best materials combined with decades of experience and skilled manufacturing guarantee amazing performance.

We hope our products encourage a passion for music that spans a lifetime.


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