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The beginning

CINEAK originated in 1999, when a European-based custom electronics integration company was in need of luxury home theater seats for an exclusive private home theater. Unable to find aything worthy for this project, a team of Belgian designers was contacted to develop a chair with an exquisite design, that focused on the comfort and luxury of the seat. After many months of further refining the design and prototyping of the chair, a new and innovative product was born ... the FORTUNY Deluxe chair.

As a result, CINEAK was founded with a mission to provide custom designed home theater and lounge seating products that blend technology, aesthetic elegance, comfort, luxury with the finest materials and quality craftsmanship.



Design is not just a fashion instrument for CINEAK, but a corporate philosophy, and management tool. All our designs are contemporary, innovative, and timeless. During the concept phase each model is assessed for its aesthetic quality, compatibility with surroundings, visual coherence and personalization options. Our designs are exclusive to the brand, designed in-house and in
conjunction with world-renowned designers.

ultimate comfort

In addition to aesthetic design, our products encompass a high-level of comfort through close attention to ergonomics. The use of different foam densities combined with quality materials, European leather/upholstery, German engineered motors and drivers, and steel reclining mechanisms are a few additional touches that guarantee the best in quality. Our seats have zigzag seating support and webbed backrest support for ultimate comfort and durability. Continuous testing ensures that our products meet the toughest standards in quality and longevity.


The extent of customization and personalization of our products coupled with the amount of options that can be added defines a new level of luxury seating. Whether it is changing the height of the backrest, having different seating widths, mixing leather/fabric colours and materials, adding electronic lumbar support, or controlling the reclining of the chair from a control touch panel, this flexibility leads to an unmatched luxurious experience.


 All our products are hand-built and hand-finished at our European ISO-9002 certified facility by the best crafts people in the industry. As each chair is hand-made to order, great attention is paid to every detail when creating your unique theater chair. This approach makes every one of our products special and all  of our customers satisfied.

Our quality

As an ISO-9002 certified company, we take the greatest care in the quality of our products. Besides system quality, production quality receives specialized attention. Strict entry guidelines on delivered raw materials, 100% midpoint and end controls and a continuous strive for improvement enables our company to guarantee the highest qualilty. Thanks to our vast experience an ideal combination between internationally prescribed standards and the expectations of customers will be obtained. All this means that we guarantee years of trouble-free comfort. Every product delivered, comes with an extensive packet combined with a unique quality control identification label in order to supply our customers precise and comprehensive information.
All tests regarding fabrics, leather and foam are executed internally by our qualified team in order to avoid problems that could occur otherwise.

By achieving the quality standard ISO-9002 (version 2000) and the integration of an environment-friendly system – CINEAK is striving for the highest standards.

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