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Benchmark ADC16

Производител: Benchmark

Артикулен номер: X356

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Описание и характеристики

Music is a Beautiful thing...especially with the Benchmark ADC16
16 Channel 24-bit 192kHz A/D Audio Converter
Benchmark’s philosophy is very clear: digital converters should preserve all of the glorious nuances of the source so that the listener can simply engage with the music. Benchmark’s converters are world-renowned for fulfilling this mandate.
Benchmark’s ADC16 is, yet again, another successful actualization of this philosophy. With the ADC16, Benchmark’s storied sonic purity can span across an entire multi-track recording session. This 16-channel A/D converter conquers the digital demons that plague so many converters on the market.
The ADC16 delivers the industry’s ‘Benchmark’ for performance in a package that is simultaneously full-featured, functionally flexible, intuitive, aesthetically alluring, and surprisingly affordable.
Технически характеристики
Артикулен номер X356
Производител Benchmark
Гаранция в месеци 24

Flexibility across DAW's
The ADC16 has a slot for an optional Firewire card. With a Firewire connection to the computer, the ADC16 can operate as the sole interface to native DAW’s, including Pro Tools 9, without the need for any other hardware. Moreover, The ADC16 is completely compatible with the digital I/O interfaces of the Avid/Digidesign interfaces and other interfaces with AES, coaxial, and/or optical inputs.
The ADAT mode of the optical outputs makes the ADC16 a perfect companion for older Pro Tools LE interfaces, as well as other digital interfaces with ADAT and coaxial inputs, as it can fulfill the entire digital-input capability of the interface with state-of-the-art A/D performance.
This type of flexibility means the ADC16 can work perfectly with DAW setups from the past and the future.
Flexibility at the I/O ports
The ADC16 features 16-channels of transformerless balanced analog inputs. The analog front-end continues Benchmark’s tradition of exceptionally pristine, award-winning analog circuitry – a 27 year legacy.
Each channel of analog input has a gain control (via a trim-pot) that has a 20 dB range. At 0 dB of gain, it can accept 28 dBu at the input without clipping. At max-gain, an 8 dB input-signal will drive the converters to full-scale.
The ADC16 features very fl exible I/O routing solutions. The control panel allows the user to dictate the source (A/D or DAW) for each of the AES, coaxial, and optical digital outputs. This is very useful when the ADC16 is used in a studio with an analog console. The digital audio from the A/D chips can be sent directly to the digital outputs to a multichannel D/A to feed the console – completely bypassing the DAW. This reduces latency and DAW artifacts in real-time monitoring.
The eight optical outputs on the ADC16 can be operated in SPDIF or ADAT mode at sample-rates up to 192 kHz (ADAT has SMUX2 and SMUX4 functionality).
UltraLock DDS™ - Jitter-immunity without a catch
The performance of the ADC16 never varies – another core philosophy of Benchmark products.
Benchmark’s new UltraLockDDS™ clock system utilizes the latest low-jitter clock technology developed for high-frequency RF communications systems. The master oscillator is a low phase-noise, temperature-compensated, fixed-frequency crystal oscillator with a +/- 2 PPM frequency accuracy. This oscillator drives a 500 MHz Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) system that generates a 3072 x WC system clock. This high-frequency clock is divided by 6 and distributed directly to the A/D converters using a high-speed PECL clock distribution chip. Each of the 8 converters are driven directly from a dedicated, matched-impedance transmission line.
Jitter attenuation is achieved with digital filters in a custom FPGA that controls the DDS system. All jitter-induced distortion artifacts are well below audibility under all operating conditions. Jitter-induced distortion is always at least 135 dB below the level of the music. The jitter-performance of UltralLockDDS™ meets or exceeds the performance of Benchmark’s UltraLock™ system, but does not use asynchronous sample rate conversion (ASRC). The elimination of the ASRC processing significantly reduces system latency and provides the most direct path from the A/D to the digital interface.
Flexibility at the Core
Benchmark’s UltraLockDDS™ system is frequency agile. It can lock to any sample rate between 28 kHz and 200 kHz, and it can do so in a few milliseconds. Special pull-up and pull-down sample rates for film to video transfers are no problem. Best of all, jitter is always attenuated to levels that are well below audibility. Jitter performance is identical in all modes of operation.
Precise, detailed metering
The ADC16 features 9-segment meters for each channel. These meters are single-sample accurate, so that even the shortest peaks are registered. The meters can be set to display in 6 dB increments (48 dB range) or 1 dB increments (20 dB range). In both cases, the meters can be put in ‘peak-hold’ mode, which will hold the highest-valued sample until the ‘peak-hold’ mode is reset.
Audio Performance
Fs = 44.1 to 192 kHz, 20 to 20 kHz BW, 1 kHz test tone, 0 dBFS = +24 dBu (unless noted)
SNR – A-Weighted, 0 dBFS = +16 to +29 dBu
121 dB
SNR – Unweighted, 0 dBFS = +16 to +29 dBu
119 dB
SNR – A-Weighted at max gain, 0 dBFS = -10 dBv
117 dB
THD+N, 1 kHz at –1 dBFS
-102 dBFS, -101 dB, 0.00089%
THD+N, 1 kHz at –3 dBFS
-107 dBFS, -104 dB, 0.00063%
THD+N, 20 to 20 kHz test tone at –3 dBFS
-105 dBFS, -102 dB, 0.00079%
Frequency Response at Fs=192 kHz
-3 dB, +0 dB, 2 Hz to 94 kHz
+/- 0.02 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
-0.06 dB at 10 Hz
-0.01 dB at 20 Hz
+0.02 dB at 20 kHz
-0.35 dB at 88 kHz
-3 dB at 94.6 kHz
-117 dB at 108 kHz
Frequency Response at Fs=96 kHz
-3 dB, +0 dB,1 Hz to 47 kHz
+/- 0.01 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
-0.06 dB at 10 Hz
-0.01 dB at 20 Hz
+0.02 dB at 20 kHz
-0.10 dB at 44 kHz
-3 dB at 47.3 kHz
-115 dB at 54 kHz
Frequency Response at Fs=48 kHz
-3 dB, +0 dB, 1 Hz to 23.6 kHz
+/- 0.01 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
-0.06 dB at 10 Hz
-0.01 dB at 20 Hz
+0.02 dB at 20 kHz
-0.10 dB at 22 kHz
-3 dB at 23.6 kHz,
-110 dB at 27 kHz
Passband Ripple
+/- 0.001 dB at 44.1 and 48 kHz
+/- 0.003 dB at 88.2 and 96 kHz
+/- 0.007 dB at 176.4 and 192 kHz
-96 dB at 20 kHz
-120 dB at 1 kHz
< -135 dB at 20 Hz
Jitter Tolerance (With no Measurable Change in THD+N Performance)
>12.75 UI sine, 100 Hz to 10 kHz
> 3.5 UI sine at 20 kHz
> 1.2 UI sine at 40 kHz
> 0.4 UI sine at 80 kHz
> 0.29 UI sine at 90 kHz
> 0.25 UI sine above 160 kHz
Maximum Amplitude of Jitter-Induced Sidebands
< -116 dB (10 kHz 0 dBFS test tone, 12.75 UI sinusoidal jitter at 1 kHz)
Maximum Amplitude of Spurious Tones with 0 dBFS test signal
-130 dBFS
Maximum Amplitude of Idle Tones
-130 dBFS
Maximum Amplitude of AC line related Hum & Noise
-140 dBFS
Interchannel Differential Phase (Stereo Pair)
+/- 0.25 degrees at 20 kHz
Interchannel Differential Phase (Between ADC16 Units)
+/- 0.25 degrees at 20 kHz
Maximum Lock Time after Fs change
< 8 seconds
Mute on Sample Rate Change
Yes - less than 8 seconds duration
Mute on Loss of External Clock
Yes - after 5 seconds of no clock
Mute on Lock Error
Yes - after 5 seconds of no lock
Group Delay (Latency)
Delay (Analog Input to Digital Output)
1.49 ms at 44.1 kHz
1.37 ms at 48 kHz
0.75 ms at 88.2 kHz
0.68 ms at 96 kHz
0.37 ms at 176.4 kHz
0.34 ms at 192 kHz
Balanced Analog Audio Inputs
Number of Inputs
Connector Pinout
Sensitivity at Maximum Gain
Sensitivity at Factory Preset Gain
Sensitivity at Minimum Gain
Maximum Input Level at Maximum Gain
Maximum Input Level at Factory Preset Gain
Maximum Input Level at Minimum Gain
Common Mode Trim
Two 25-pin DB-25 Connectors
Tascam Analog DB-25 Standard
200 kΩ Balanced, 100 kΩ Unbalanced
-14 dBu @ -20 dBFS
+4 dBu @ -20 dBFS
+9 dBu @ -20 dBFS
+6 dBu @ 0 dBFS
+24 dBu @ 0 dBFS
+29 dBu @ 0 dBFS
> 90 dB @ 1 kHz
Dual Frequency
RF Filter
Transient Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
AC Coupled
WC/SC/AES Clock Reference Input
Input Impedance
Input Formats (Auto Detected)
Sensitivity with Word Clock Input
Sensitivity with Super Clock Input
Sensitivity with AES Input
75 Ω
Word Clock, 256X Super Clock, AES
320 mVpp
500 mVpp
150 mVpp
RF Filter
Transient Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
AC Coupled
UltraLockDDS™ Jitter Attenuation
AES Clock Reference Input
Connector Pinout
Input Impedance
Input Formats
Uses 'Digital In 1' on Top AES DB-25
Tascam AES DB-25
110-Ω Balanced
AES, S/PDIF - Pro. or Consumer
150 mVpp
RF Filter
Transient Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
Transformer Coupled
DC Blocking Capacitor
UltraLockDDS™ Jitter Attenuation
Balanced AES/EBU Digital Outputs
Audio Channels
Output Format
Output Sample Rate
Output Word Length
Connector Pinout
Output Impedance
Output Level
AES3 Professional Data Format
Up to 200 kHz
Two DB-25 Connectors
Tascam AES DB-25 Pinout
4 Vpp into 110 Ω
Transformer Coupled
DC Blocking Capacitors
Transient Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
RF Filters
Coaxial Digital Outputs
Audio Channels
Output Format
Output Sample Rate
Output Word Length
Output Impedance
Output Level
AES3 Professional Data Format
Up to 200 kHz
Eight RCA Connectors
1 Vpp into 75 Ω
Transformer Coupled
DC Blocking Capacitors
Transient Protection
Over-Voltage Protection
Maximum Sample Rate 200 kHz
RF Filters
Multi-Format Optical Digital Outputs
Audio Channels
Output Formats
Output Sample Rate
Output Word Length
Up to 200 kHz
Eight Toslink Optical Transmitters
DAW Card Slot
Audio Channels
Sample Rates
Output Word Length
External Interfaces
16 In and 16 Out
Up to 200 kHz (Card Dependent)
Card Dependent
Power Switch
Clock Source
Sample Rate
AES Output Source
Coaxial Output Source
Optical Output Source
Optical Format
Meter Range (Uses Meter 'SCALE' Button)
Meter Peak Hold (Uses Meter 'SCALE' Button)
Button With Delayed Response *
Button With Delayed Response *
Button With Delayed Response *
Button With Delayed Response *
Button With Delayed Response *
Button With Delayed Response *
Button With Delayed Response **
Button With Instant Response
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