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Cyrus Audio
Цена: 2215 лв. с ДДС за 1 брой
Higher Definition DVD players are two a penny these days but not all players are created equal! The latest generation of flat TV’s can look stunning, but only when partnered with an equa...
McIntosh Laboratories
Цена: 14000 лв. с ДДС
AM and FM stations may be luxuriously tuned using the weighted tuning knob and full scale linear tuning dial. Up to 20 stations in both the AM and FM band may be stored in memory. Stations may be s...
Цена: 13999 лв. с ДДС
MVP891 combines the latest advances in DVD Multi-Channel Audio, DVD / Blu Ray and 3D disc video processing and High Level Stereo Sound quality. Separate stereo and dedicated 7.1 audio sections deli...
Цена: 13999 лв. с ДДС

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